Whitewash Cypress Cabinet 8ft

$ 4,699.99

This is an absolutely extraordinary piece! Meticulously designed and made in our woodshop in Dermott, AR. The cabinet is solid cypress wood throughout and the intricate detailed woodwork is all made in our shop. Our craftsmen put the finishing touches on it with a milk paint finish that is hand rubbed and sanded. The mirrors are not as they appear in the photo. Paul decided he would rather have antiqued mirrors on the piece so he took to the time to add an extra layer of character and actually used a process to age the mirrors in our woodshop. The door knob is solid brass and the interior has adjustable shelves and intricate designs on the interior of the doors as well as the outside.  8ft x4ft x1ft 8in Depth


AVAILABLE FOR IN-STORE PICKUP. Email customerservice@paulmichaelhome.com for more information.

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