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Vintage String Lights 24 Feet

$ 29.99
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24ft String Lights with 12 Clear Vintage Reproduction Light Bulbs. Additional Strands Can be added. 

Comes with 12 of the LED S14 warm white bulbs 
Bulb size: 1.75” wide and 2.75” high (3.5” high with base).The sockets have suspenders which hang 4” from the cord (to the bottom of the socket). With bulbs, they hang down about 7”.
Average bulb life: 50,000 hours.
Bulbs are non-dimmable.
If one bulb burns out, the rest stay lit.

Medium size light bulbs: We recommend the following bulbs: A-15, A-19, S-14 Middle size light bulbs. Wattage 11 to 25 wattage found at the majority of hardware stores or There are several styles to choose from. Shop the selection of style by following the link above.

Manufactured with 14-gauge wire and high-quality sockets.
PVC socket forms a tight weatherproof seal around the bulb.
For indoor or outdoor use

Care / Safety Concerns: 

ETL listed indoor / outdoor use. They heavy-duty string of lights carrier the intertex testing service is an outdoor fixture. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way. It is only to be used with compatible polarized plug ports rated for outdoor use. If the cord is being plugged into a convenience out the outlet must be equipped to accept a polarized plug or you may use an intertex test service. 
Max Wattage for string run is 1,200 wattage
Strings can be run out of a standard outlet provided the overall electric power consumption exceed the amparage the circuit is designed to handle. If you have any questions please contact a licensed electrician.
If the cord is being used over a long strand it is recommended that the string be hung a 1/16 stranded wire rope (rated at a 120lbs.) This is done lacing the wire through the mounting holes through each light socket and supporting the wire at each end. 
To reduce the risk of electric shock and fire, do not exceed the marked lamp holder wattage or cord maximum wattage. Do not disconnect or connect when wet.