'The Fence' Cutting Board with Handles – Paul Michael Company

'The Fence' Cutting Board with Handles

$ 199.99
'The Fence' is designed by Paul Michael and is inspired by our oval cutting boards. Creating a 'Fence' all the way around complimented with handles and with a stand that you can use underneath to create a slight incline so during meat preparation, the flavorful runoff from the meat you carve will be captured.  Coveted by chefs, foodies and just about anybody that loves to grill and entertain!

We manufacture the finest cutting boards on the market. Handcrafted from locally harvested woods in our Dermott, AR woodshop, these cutting boards are elegant, durable, functional, and easy to care for. Our cutting boards are ideal gifts for weddings, graduations, anniversaries and are very popular corporate gifts. 100% solid, Native Gum 21x17x6 Weight: 18lbs
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