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Seaside Capiz Pendant

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They say the ocean is a woman and she has given us this gorgeous shell to create a feminine and fabulous pendant! We love it when Mother Nature provides materials such as this which is mainly found off the Capiz coast to use in design! Luminescent, lovely and versatile, the size allows itself to be incorporated in many different areas of a home. Entry, kitchen, bathroom, kitchen table - the choice is yours!

16" Round x 12"H Capiz Pendant Lamp, 6' Chain & 4' Cord, Truck Ship (60 Watt Bulb Maximum, Hardwire Only)

Where is Capiz? 

It is a province in the Phillipines where much of this shell is found and often referred to as windowpane shell or windowglass shell. Found in coastal waters, it is the squarish, translucent inner shell of Placuna used in making lamps, windowpane, and decorative objects.

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