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Granny Bee's Bourbon Cask Candle

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18 oz, 11oz, and 3oz Bourbon Cask Granny Bee's Candle - Sold Separately

Bourbon Cask - Feel the power of masculinity in this deep, complex fragrance with notes of cognac, Haitian Vetiver, Brazilian rosewood, and warm, sweet molasses.

Granny Bee’s Candles began in 1999, when a mother and daughter-in-law wanted to make a candle better than what they could buy.  They wanted a highly scented, long lasting, container candle that could not only add fragrance to a room, but an entire house!  After coming up with this fabulous candle, they did what most women would have done...they began sharing them with family and friends.  That’s all it took and Granny Bee’s Candles was born!

Granny Bee’s Candles continues to offer a high quality candle that is hand poured.  We use only top quality wax especially made for container candles.  It is a soft wax that holds an abundance of fragrance, which is why Granny Bee’s Candles are one of the most highly scented container candles on the market. 


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