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Deeljett Heerasing - Rock Star 3

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Deeljett Herassing from Mauritus - an island in the Indian Ocean, I studied Art in Paris ; graphic design and typography in London where I then worked as an illustrator. I moved back to Paris in 1982 as an art/creative director and graphic designer. In 1990, I opted for fine art and drawing as a career. 

Having a great interest in wind and french cuisine, I started illustrating and painting on that particular theme, including the parisian cafe scene, focusing my attention mostly on the customers and the atmosphere they created. I also had the opportunity to paint and illustrate men and women in other situations, in different paths of life. Apart from oil and acrylic painting and ink drawing, I went on to engraving and printing, and lastly Ipad drawing. 

Ink and Water Color and Paper 


Length - 1ft, 10in

Width - 1ft, 5in

Depth - 1in, 1/4